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Online Exam Registration

Online Exam Registration

by Tharaka Dulaj -
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Online exam registration is enabled for following batches until 2021 August 14th. 

  • Master in Human Resources Management Course No 10

  • Master of Business Management Course No 08

  • Master of Science in Disaster Analysis, Management and Mitigation 2021

  • Higher Diploma in Counseling Psychology 2021

  • Diploma in Counseling Psychology 2021

  • MSc in Service Management Course No 06

  • Diploma in Labour Education

  • Bachelor in Labour Management 2021 Part I

Go to your Course page --> Exam Registration --> Exam Registration Link.

Repeat students must download the repeat application and submit the complete hard copy application with the payment slip and copies of board decisions if relevant.

(Edited by Ashani Perera - original submission Sunday, 8 August 2021, 12:39 PM)